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LOLED Virtual

Indiemark 3 Lens Encoder

Indiemark 3 Lens Encoder

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Initial stock building, allow 1-2 weeks leadtime.

We're offering a trade in for Indiemark 1/2 customers! More details here.

Bring your virtual production to the next level with the Indiemark 3. The Indiemark 3 lens encoder allows you to send focus, zoom, or iris data in realtime--in just minutes!

With a robust workflow established over years, the Indiemark 3 is compatible with Unreal, Aximmetry, Pixera, Disguise, Blender...and basically everything else!

The new Indiemark 3 is double the resolution (4000cpr vs 2000cpr) of the Indiemark 1/2, while being half the size. The new rod clamp system features an integrated 1/4-20 screw thread with slots for Arri locating pins, allowing unprecedented mounting flexibility.

The new right-angle clamping USB-C connector allows for smooth cable routing, while retaining compatibility with any USB cable. The lens gears are fully compatible with the Indiemark 1/2 gears, allowing a smooth upgrade path.

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Lens Data Made Affordable

Use any USB-C cable to start encoding lens data within minutes. Our free LONET2 Server software or E2E encoder box make sending data over a network easy!
The Indiemark 3 sends data at up to 1000hz, ensuring smooth and drift-free operation.

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Universally Compatible

At home on cine camera rigs down to DSLRs, the Indiemark 3's tiny size, 1/4-20 thread with Arri locating pin compatibility, and multiple lens gear pitch options all offer a uniquely flexible lens data platform!

Pro Features, Indie Price

A clamping USB connector, options for 15 and 19mm rod clamps, and interchangeable gears all ensure compatibility with nearly all cine and broadcast lenses!



  • 83x30x40mm (with gear and clamp)
  • 4000 CPR resoultion
  • Compatible with Vive Mars, native USB, LOLED E2E box
  • Locking USB-C Port
  • 1/4-20 Screw Thread w/ Arri locating pin slots
  • Interchangeable lens gears
  • RGB Status LED
  • Comes with USB-C Cable
  • 1000hz data rate