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LOLED Virtual

E2E Indiemark Encoder To Ethernet Adapter

E2E Indiemark Encoder To Ethernet Adapter

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The E2E box can be used to convert a LOLED Indiemark encoder to ethernet, making for easier setup in a VP stage environment. Once configured, the E2E is plug-and-play, allowing for easy use without needing constant configuration.

You will need to also purchase a 2.1mm power cable for your setup, many options available here

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The Missing Link

The E2E can output OSC or native LONET2, making it compatible with Unreal, Aximmetry, Disguise, Pixera--and basically everything else.


The E2E weighs only a few ounces, and features a 1/4-20 thread with Arri locating pin holes. The USB connector features a locking tab, ensuring secure connections all around.

Plays Nice

The E2E is compatible with all Indiemark lens encoders going back to the original, making it a great choice for every kind of production.


  • 65x45x25mm
  • Locking USB-A Port
  • SD Card included for configuration
  • 1/4-20 Screw Thread
  • Micro USB for firmware and future features
  • RGB Status LED